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We are delighted to announce that the clubs 2023-24 membership is now available.

Being a member gives you the power to have your say on how the football club is ran, with your own vote at the AGM.

Additionally all members will receive

  • 5% discount on all club bar prices

  • Special offers from selected club partners

  • Lanyard and Membership Card

Members must be aged 16+ to be able to have their vote in the AGM.

What does it mean?

A minimum of 50% +1 of the voting rights of the club to be controlled collectively by a democratic entity which has an open and inclusive membership based on one member, one vote with no substantial barriers to participation as a voting member.

Any profits are reinvested back into the club as opposed to being distributed to shareholder & the club is committed to running as a sustainable business.

A club owned by its community has the potential to develop deeper longer term partnerships, particularly local authorities who historically favour this model, and can attract a

different type of investment and utilise a different type of finance.

Community-owned clubs offer greater protection and transparency within their constitution, which appeals to partners, funders, and sponsors. Giving people the chance to own a club can increase their connection with it, so people share the responsibility of sustaining ‘their’ club unlocking more volunteers and participation. If supporters know that the money they spend will be reinvested in the club, they are more likely to spend or donate more.

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Tim Ingle
Tim Ingle
Jun 28, 2023

What do you get from being a member that you don’t get from being a season ticket holder?

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