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Chairman's Update

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your amazing support of the club over the last season, the number of you in attendance for the game against Clitheroe was fantastic. The way you have continued to back us in the numbers you have, despite the results, has been nothing short of phenomenal.

We are finalising plans in terms of a management team for next season, alongside season tickets, and information regarding both of these should be forthcoming in the next few days. We are also hard at work securing pre-season friendlies, again details of which will be revealed as soon as possible in line with our oppositions wishes.

Like many clubs at our level, the club relies on the support of local businesses and its loyal fan base. The last two years has been a financial struggle with limited income and a continued increase in costs. Whilst we have agreed new sponsorships, details of which will be released over the coming days along with the new first team kits, the financial restraints will be more apparent this season as the club looks to deliver on its plans for improved facilities and long term sustainability.

Unfortunately The Red Army Raffle will cease following the draw in May. Whilst this was successful in its inception and should have continued to be a relatively labour free operation, the number of unpaid numbers month on month now makes the process unviable. I thank everyone who has tried to make this work.

Next season will hopefully see us competing in the top half of the table again rather than a scrap against relegation and the new manager, once appointed, will need the full backing of the Red Army.

Success on the pitch is only achievable with the support of volunteers who give valuable time to the Football Club, be that match day or non-match day. The club will be looking for match day volunteers, with Stewards and a Match Day Announcer being the positions that we urgently need to fill. Anyone who feels they may be able to help please do not hesitate in contacting the club.

Finally, I recognise there have been comments suggesting we as a club could do more to communicate with our fan base. We are always looking for improvement and could I kindly ask that any suggestions to improve this are sent to Geoff McDougle at and we will look to work on this together. It is imperative we stick together as a club and as a fan base as we look to push forward next season.


Ryan Haigh



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