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An update from Sean

Firstly I must thank Ryan, Geoff and the committee for their tireless effort and support to the Club over their tenure. Knowing Ryan personally I know this was an extremely difficult decision to make and he only ever had the best interest of the Club at heart.

The Community is the heartbeat of a non league Club and somewhere along the way that feeling, that spirit has somewhat dwindled.

Whilst I have been given custodianship of the Club my first priority is to work with the local community, junior section and fans to try and re-engage and build that relationship. This all starts on Thursday with the fans meeting at the Club. I will give my upmost attention to the immediate issues and strive to increase the pride we all have in the Club.

Work is ongoing to ensure we have financial security for the foreseeable future with a personal thank you to Ben for the hours he’s putting in behind the scenes to assist.

I’d like to personally thank the recently re-established committee for their support and dedication in moving the Club forward.

The messages of supports received in the last 24 hours shows what this Club means to so many.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at the Harrison Drive Stadium very soon


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