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2020/21 Season Tickets Now Available!

As I’m sure everyone understands, planning for the 2020/21 season under the current circumstances, with question marks over when it is likely to start and what guidelines will need to be adhered to, is proving to be somewhat challenging. In a lot of areas we’re awaiting clarification before making decisions on how to move forward, however, we realise that it’s not practical to put everything on hold indefinitely, so have started to make plans in the areas that we can.

Season ticket prices are one of the areas that we felt we could start to move on.

We thought long and hard about the route we wanted to go down - Attempting to strike a balance between offering affordability for our fans (especially considering the current climate), but also keeping in mind the need to raise funds which will help to secure the longevity of the Club. We ultimately decided that, particularly with the exciting changes in Head Coach, players, facilities etc, our main priority was to ensure that the Red Army were able to get behind the squad and management team in full force!

With this in mind, we have made the decision to offer all adults season tickets at £65, almost halving the price of last year’s tickets!

Under 16’s will be asked to submit an application for a Junior Season Ticket (free of charge), which will allow them free entry to all league games. Under 16’s attending a match without a Junior Season Ticket will be asked to make a 50p donation on the gate which will go to our chosen charity.

In a further attempt to increase affordability, we have put in place an ‘Early Bird Offer’, which provides those purchasing their 2020/21 season tickets before the end of July with the option to spread the cost over two payments (the first instalment will be taken on purchase, the second requested in August).

Finally, we have our Chairman’s Pledge! Our Chairman’s Pledge promises all 2020/21 season ticket holders the option to purchase a 2021/22 season ticket at the same price, all being well, in the new facilities!

So, to summarise our hat trick of offers:

  1. 2020/21 season tickets have been reduced to £65 across the board;

  2. Our 'Early Bird Offer' spreads the cost over two instalments;

  3. Our 'Chairman’s Pledge' gets you next year's season ticket at the same reduced cost, in the new facilities.

To take advantage of our fantastic offers and assist in helping the Red Revolution to gather momentum both on and off the pitch, please visit our Club Shop and purchase your 2020/21 season ticket now!


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