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A message from the Chairman

Good morning and a big long awaited welcome to Match Day 1. Like everyone, I don’t understand why this league starts weeks after all the other non league steps but now our wait is over .

There have been so many positives this summer. Our recruitment has been particularly strong and we have added some very good players to a squad that finished last season in great form.

This summer has been quiet but effective. A good number of our players were already on contract so the work was to retain the non-contract element of our squad and thankfully Steve and Kyle have managed to do just that.

The planning and scouting to ensure we knew our targets started in the October of last season. The loss of Alex Curran was inevitable and we’d have been naive not to think clubs higher up the pyramid would have taken notice of his performances. The move to Stockport County is a very good fit for Alex but I still believe he can play higher and I’ll watch his progress with a lot of anticipation.

In my opinion the additions of Sefton Gonzales, Max Hazeldine, Aiden Chippendale, Andy Hollins and Tony Donaldson are impressive, calculated and show a definite statement of intent from our little football club.

Like any club, we are always looking for one more player but I feel we have done very good business over the summer and have a stronger squad than at any stage of my Chairmanship.

Off the field I also think we are in a much better position, 12 months on. Discussions with the Council have developed well and I now feel we are in a situation where I am comfortable to move forward with more detailed plans for the new facilities and Stadium.

Over the summer we have also built the foundations of a Board of Directors who have experience in sport, business but more importantly are also passionate Colne F.C. supporters.

We will release more details on this as it progresses but I believe from the boardroom to the terraces, we all have the same objective. A successful, progressive Football Club.

Obviously Steve and Kyle are very central to what we are building here. They have so much energy and so many ideas and this can only benefit the club as a whole, the Academy and the Community side of the club which will be key to our progression plans over the coming seasons.

So, as I said at the start, there are plenty of reasons to be positive and to be optimistic as we start our campaign today away at Droylsden.

The aim is obviously, promotion. We’ve come so close over the last few years and now is our time. As a group, we’ll need to stick together and remain positive and supportive. It is a long season and although we will share some great moments, we know there will be tough moments too.

For me, my family, The Red Army and everyone associated with the club..

This JUST means more.

Ryan Haigh


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